Friday, October 20, 2017

Love Hard

Maybe its true after all. That if you miss someone so badly or think about them so hard, the person would feel the same thing and eventually will find you. Like I miss my mom so bad and would like to talk to her but somehow I forgot to call her due to endless work, she will call me exactly when I think of her. It feels like magic. LOL. Hmmmm, that is my mom. But for other person? Like him?

 Not sure why these past 2-3 days he keeps crossing my mind. Last time we met was like 4 months ago. And I really miss to have a conversation with him like we used to. I think of him so hard that he was the last person in my mind before I go to sleep. And that morning, when I arrived my office, checked my phone, I got a text from him. Yeah. I read few times to check was it really him. hahaha. It was. And he sent the text so early in the morning I was still asleep at that time. And I replied and it didnt take long for him to reply back and, we chat. I feel like I was smiling all day. haha. Even though it was just a short conversation because I got tons of work to be done, but I'm happy. And we're gonna meet soon. I'm relieved we are still friend though.

So, my point is, I believe that myth. If you really miss someone, eventually they will find you. Especially if they have strong bond with you like your mother or families. Because the perasaan rindu is one of the love form, and love is from God and I think God loves to see everyone love each other, as a family, as a friend, as a brother. So yeah. LOVE HARD.

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aLfAiziE aNUaL said...

tiba2 terjumpa blog ni hahaha. ingatkan sape budak gemok tuu haha.

tapi. kalau rindu tapi takde yg cari pun. cmna tuh bie. hahaha

#jumpamediabaru yeah !