Thursday, October 20, 2016

Catatan seorang gadis kilang

When I started working, I start to view the world differently. Working in kilang had taught me lots of life lessons. 

Well to be honest, I used to dislike the foreign workers.When I was a student, I like to read newspapers and when news about illegal workers, Indonesian commits crime, Bangladeshi molested Malay girl, I disgust them so much. Not only because they are dirty, they also do bad things here. Wondered why we need them to work in our country and  I started to hate them. All of them. But maybe Allah s.w.t wants to show me how wrong I am, to judge people just because of silly mistakes done by few of them, he puts me in kilang working with all these people. YES, I was frightened. I was worried how these guys will tried to take advantage on me or rob me or even damage my car if I being hard on them at work. hahahaha. But NO. I was wrong. 

These are the guys who helped me a lot when I do mistakes in production because lack of experience, they remind me about my prayer, and never failed to greet me with Salam every morning and evening. Compared with local workers, these foreign one are more hardworking, and more honest with their job. They followed my instruction well, they work real hard and less complaining. Unlike locals, they always ponteng kerja, complaining this and that, not to mention curi tulang. Yeah maybe because this is our country and our life is not as hard as theirs, we take the chance for granted. They work so hard just to earn a bit money to send home to their families.

You know, my kilang is located in industrial area so there are lots of factories here. And every Friday, I can see many of these foreign workers go out for Friday prayer. Mashaallah. It touched my heart to see them with baju lusuh and kopiah buruk, walking all the way to Surau under the hot sun. Some of them might be lucky if their companies provide a transport so you can see them crowding at the back of lorry or Toyota Hilux or something. haha. It feels good to know that instead of hard life they are facing, they still can make some time to fulfill the duty to their religion. My religion too. heheh.

There is one time when I was on my way home from work, I passed through a metal & aluminium factory, I saw one Chinese guy (must be the taukeh I guess) was beating up one foreign worker real hard at the road side. He looked like Bangladeshi. I was shocked to see the incident. His friends just only able to see their boss beating up him from far. I guess they are not dare enough to fight back knowing they will lose their job and maybe get send back to their countries. So I slowed down my car and I thought I should talk to the taukeh. But then the second thought popped in, maybe that Bangladeshi guys did something bad that made the taukeh so mad, maybe he stole something from the boss. I dont know these people and what they are capable of doing. So instead of stopping my car, I continued to drive. eheh. Kesian sangat tengok peristiwa hari tu. 

And yes. After working all these two years, my view on these foreign workers has changed. I'm not saying all of them are good people. But at the same time not all of them are jerk. Just same with our own community too. In fact, if you can check the crime record by PDRM, only few percent crimes were committed by the foreign people.. So who are the jerk now? Most of them come here to work and change their life and family back at home. As their countries could not provide the job opportunity, they had to come here all the way across the ocean just to earn some money with a very tiring job. I see how they save money, not spend it carelessly like me, eat just enough to continue to work, just enough to live. Yeah, they live like that.  

Back at home, I think a lot about my life. What I have now is way better than anyone of them have. Sometimes I complaining about simple thing without realize it is a blessing to others who doesn't own it. Banyak sangat nikmat yang Allah bagi, tapi sangat sedikit bersyukur. Seeing the foreign workers life, I feel blessed with what I have now. I feel glad that I am working in this industry to see the world in another point of view.

Ok, good day everyone!

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