Thursday, September 22, 2016


I think it has been quite sometimes since I tell story about Kilang. And this time I just want to share something not worth for you to know but I'm gonna tell you anyway. And I know you're going to read it anyway. haha. Okayyy, so two years ago on this date 22nd September 2016, was my first day at work after two months of 'graping' (menganggur heheh). And there was audit from F&N on that day so everyone was totally busy. I just sat there in my workplace awkwardly. Just smiled and waved. Haha..tipu je. I just pretended to be busy looking something in my PC while the truth was I had no idea what to do at all. Then suddenly one of my boss asked for certain files to show the F&N auditor. He didn't know that was my first day maybe. I was like.....sooooo you asked me for a file when I don't even know where the toilet. Mencicit cari file tu. Kenangan😂 

Dua tahun. I've gone through a lot and learn a lot too, in work and life lesson as well. It was tough shit in the beginning but as the time goes by, I am not gonna say it does not tough anymore, actually it never gets any less tougher but the work becomes easier because at least you have gain that essential 'survival skill' that can save you out of those crap. I think you know what I mean by 'survival skill'. hihi. Yeah, two years... Things can get pretty boring because basically you're doing about the same thing everyday. Maybe its time to go. Etika hire me plis!!!!Kakakkakakah 😆

Last but not least, bless you all the workers who fight everyday just to have something to eat for your wife, kids and family. Moga Allah murahkan rezeki kita semua. Ameen..

22 Sep 2014 - 22 Sep 2016. Still counting.
Nabilah Amran, 10.37 a.m

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