Thursday, April 14, 2016

Gadis Kilang


Hi peeps! Hmmm...dah ingat password blog pon macam tak guna jugak sebab tak update pon. Haha. Banyak jugak sebenarnya nak cerita tapi...tak tahu nak mula dari mana. And if I posted any update pon, mostly my stories would be about my job, my kilang and so on. Since now aku da jadi gadis kilang. Haha. 

Actually there was an incident that I found quite interesting to share here. There was one time when I went back to kampung in Besut (my grandmother's house is there), I met with my childhood friend which is now not a friend anymore. There was something happened long time ago which really broke our friendship. Yeah, we were rebels teenage back then. Hahahaha. Doesn't matter. Sekarang dah matang dah baik balik even though is not the same as before. 

So when we met and had a chit chat a bit, she asked me what do I do now. I said now I'm working in a factory somewhere in Nilai 3. She was so surprise and her face changed a bit." it temporary job? Oh I knooww... It is part time job rightttttt??? And I said 'Nope..its permanent. I'm working there. Then she was like "ooowwww..err okay..kerja kilang is nice also, as long as you have a job...not like me, still waiting for posting.." then she smiled to cover the awkwardness. hahahaha. She is UPSI's graduate, a cikgu-to-be I supposed. She wasn't even bother to ask what do I do there and my position. Maybe in her head my job is like those operators (not that I'm saying operators are low-class job). I think she was shocked to know a degree holder is working in a factory without knowing the factory needs office staff too. But I'm not upset. Its just I feel funny to see her reaction when she knows my job. Hahahaha.

I believe most of our Malays' mentality is you're good and safe if you work in government sector. I'm not denying that. Only a chosen one can work as government servant and it is not easy. I also want to work in government sector if possible. But not everyone have that chances. One of them is me. Haha. But I cannot accept the mentality of kampung's people that working in kilang is only for low-educated person. Because you see, without kilang, do you think you can have your car? your bike? your house? even your food? Because all of those things need a manufacturer. Someone needs to produce them for you to use and consume. And its not from low-educated person. If I may say, engineer also is working in kilang. Kilang kereta for example? Heh.

You see, it wasn't my intention to boast about my work, my position or whatsoever. It has been written my rezeki is here. In the early period when I started working in Kilang, my grandmother did not really 'bless' me with my job. She thought I'm doing all the Bangla and kuli jobs. Hahahaha. Even sometimes I did. Luckily my mother is very supportive person. She knows and she understand. So yeah... if everyone wants to work in government sector then who want to build the industries to support the government with tax??HAHA. Its not from me. Someone who worked as a Asst.Director in Food Dept MOH said this. He said to me you'll learn a lot in industries compared if you are in government. Hmm.. I dont know. For me both have pro & cons, but in the end its your choice and your luck!

Ok, that's all. I think this post bored you. haha

Thanks for reading.

Gadis Kilang

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