Monday, February 15, 2016



Lepas dua tahun, ingatkan dah takkan dapat bukak blog ni sampai bila-bila dah. Tiba-tiba dua hari lepas tergerak hati nak try masuk kan password. 3-4 kali try password yang possibility agak tinggi tup2 dapat masuk. Alhamdulillah..haha. Dulu set kan blog ni private sebab ingat nak stop blogging kejap. Sekali dah lupa semua. 

Its quite embarrassing to re-read my own posts in this blog. I dont know what was I talking about. Most of it about my feelings, my thought of someone, my classmates and exams bla..bla..bla.. Zaman muda-mudi orang kata... Sekarang da tak muda sangat lah..haha. Dah nak masuk suku abad dah. And I do realize I'm not a girl anymore. Now I'm more to career woman. Wuuuuu.. haha.

And yes, my last post was when I had internship in USM, near my house. Dah lama sangat dah tu. I wasn't even graduated yet at that time. That was before MAFAST (final year student FST), long before we went to Pulau Perhentian, and long before I have this job now.

Now, I'm an employee. Not a student anymore. Yes, life as employee is hard though. No more ponteng2 like ponteng kelas (although once in a while I purposely exaggerate my illness to make excuse not coming for work). Shhhh.. ni rahsia kita tau. haha. Bekerja ni sangat penat. Walaupon nampak macam tak buat apa-apa tapi banyak sangat benda kena buat dan siapkan before deadline.  Tambah pula bila hari sabtu adalah hari bekerja, walaupon setengah hari. I really miss how it feels like to be at home on Saturday morning. I was having the hardest part of life in my early stage of working. As I wasn't a bright student, and I also wasn't active student in kelab persatuan and all that, so I need to learn harder than those who used to be active student. I'm not sure whether its related or not but yeah..since everyone said so. Softskill la kot.. 

I took some time to adapt to my new phase of life and now I could say I'm quite happy with my job. Although it can be very challenging some times. Rasanya setakat ni dulu untuk comeback post. 2 years. Haha. Lots of things happened. I've been to Mekah and Madinah, I also had travel to Thailand and the most recent to Korea with my beloved sisters. And that is happy memories. Sad mmories? hmmm... there is one or two sad memories but I dont want to mention them here. It is not important though. 

Ok, bye!

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