Saturday, June 22, 2013

5 papers


Well, 5 papers safety, food analysis, food product development, food biotech and lastly nutrition...nampak tak betapa "food" nyer paper yang bakal aku hadapi nanti...and those will be on 4 consecutive days..! owh seriously, nak tahu saper yang susun jadual exam nieh....nice sangat... =..=

mengeluh pon tade guna...baik spend masa utk study daripada update blog mcm haha..

study pah ceroh....
anyway, should sleep first..kawan aku cakap, lepas study kena tido dulu..baru la ilmu tu leh masuk, hadam and lekat dalam otak....! I have no idea whether his advice is practical or not....but I know I'm sleepy right now....hee *yawn* 

k, bye..! gud luck

~ lambatnyer nak abis exam.....! ~

Thursday, June 6, 2013

B +

4.32 am.
Still awake....
I was whining and sighing just now...thinking that....

"endless assignments even in the study week..."
"a lot of things need to be studied, remembered, revised..."
"i just want to punch someone on his face for he always screwed me up"
 "ohh,,damn...! this whole thing is totally suck..."
"my life is a mess since that thing happened...!!!!"

Then suddenly, when I was looking for something to finish those assignments *troll face*,
 I found this quote... B +

It makes me realized something, somehow...How I've been so negative all of this time... And sometimes I even troubled my friends because of this attitude..Negative thinker always see a problem when it actually is an opportunity. I know...that is a habit of mine..heh

Masa study week ni la biasanya iman akan teruji, kesabaran akan mencapai limit, keluhan akan selalu kedengaran, air mata bertakung, kepala berdengung..haha..macam-macam laaaa...

At this time, be positive and stay strong is the only choice I have...
I am B + type after all..
*senyum* :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

E.N.D S.E.M.6 has ended huh...?
Yesterday, end of semester 6...huwarggggh (meraung-raung..)
how time flies... Next sem would be the last semester in USIM..hurm...
Excited...? Sad..? Feeling-less..?
whatever.... :)