Monday, May 6, 2013



I'm rarely talk about politics but somehow I feel like I want to jot down something about it today. I think most of my friends know which party I'm standing for but its not important. Everyone can know it from facebook whether that person is pro or anti..hahaha.... Tengok post2 dia la...kalo post dia pasal BN je memanjang, ofcoz la dia sokong BN...and if its opposite, then dia simple as that..!

Well, honestly I'm quite disappointed when PR was lost in this newly held GE....*ooppss,,kantoi...* Almost everyone in my family were expecting something big was going to happen in this GE and me myself want to be part of new history in Malaysia..konon-konon nye laa...haha.. Tapi kita takkan pernah tahu perancangan Allah tu macamana kan...??kan..? Mungkin ada hikmah yang tersembunyi yang kita tak tahu... Everything is possible.... Redha tu penting.. *walaupun susah*

But actually...hurm, I was VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED with the transparency of EC or Election Commision (SPR). Not to mention the issues that had raised during this 13th GE...You know it too and I dont think I should list down all those issues here..banyak sangat...

Well, anyway....I AM SO HAPPY to vote today...!haha..first time experience kot...semangat lain mcm sikit.. Bangun pagi2, pakai elok2...terus pergi kat pusat mengundi..ala.tepi umah jer..heh.Mentang-mentang la aku ni pengundi muda, bilik mengundi tingkat 4, atass sekali kat sekolah tu..haila...dah la gi sorang2.... ntah camane nama ku tercampak kat disitu... =.=

And when I was queuing with other young voters, we had some chit chat, sembang, and it was a nice experience to make new friends..most of them said.."neves la..neves laa.." haha.. I dont know what to be nervous about until I was at the door...yeah, masa tu neves la jugak..apa nak buat nieh...and actually it wasn't that complicated la..just follow the instruction....

After voting, I went back to my house..road were getting busy..makin ramai orang kluar mengundi.. And at noon, we went back to Jerteh..umah nenek... gathering together for the results...haa...and it was horror because at 12 midnight there was still  no result about which side got majority in parliament...heh..
kat fesbuk da penuh ngan status and so on..and after knowing the results...suddenly all the profile pictures turned to BLACK..!!!haha..And I..err....changed it too...after seeing one of my beloved lecturer change her DP..hehee..

So, now everyone is talking about BLACKOUT..BLACKOUT........

ngantuk sudaaaa..

k, bye..!!!

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