Thursday, November 15, 2012

keep Gaza in your dua'


First of all I must say that, thanks to Facebook.
Because of 'him', I'm able to know what is going on
around me and around the world too...
Staying in hostel without TV can be a problem sometimes.
You wouldn't know anything unless you make an effort to buy newspapers.
For me of course I wouldn't buy it everyday.haha..money2...
But Facebook let me know what is happening around.

And just now, I was shocked by the news that Israel strikes Gaza.
After quite a long time, they start to kill again.
The reason is, to eliminate all the Hamas Mujahidin and terrorist.. *bullshit..!*
There is speculation that the attack is to raise up the support
for Israel Prime Minister as they are having election in January.
(to prove to his people that he can protect them la kononnyer) *eh go to hell laaaa...*

As far as I know, the fighting began when Israel killed Ahmed al-Jabari,
 the leader of Hamas's military wing with air strike on his car in Gaza on Wednesday.
And today the Israel fire has killed 13 palestinians including a baby.
At the same time, Gaza returns the rocket strikes that killed three Israelis.
What makes me feel more annoyed is that the Israel PM said,
he will no longer tolerate any further rocket fire on his territory.
*banyak ensem muka kau..!kau bunuh org takpe pulak..mmg dasar yahudi..*

I tell you what, this war will never end until all the Zionist are gone. 
They are the most irritating, annoying and disgusting creature that ever live on earth..!
It makes me sad somehow to see all those pictures of innocent babies and women
who have been killed by those yahudi...There is nothing I can do from here.
And I'm not that brave to go there and fight them...which makes me
even more embarrass to myself actually.

All I can do is..NO..!All WE can do is  pray for them...
Awak semua mesti tahu kan...doa senjata orang Islam..?
yes..tahu...tapi tiap kali lepas solat ade doakan diorang tak..? 
#pang...!tertampar muka sendiri...#  sob3 :(

It is never too late my dear brothers and sisters...
Allah sentiasa mendengar doa yang ikhlas dari hamba-hambaNya...
keep praying...may our dua' will keep them strong.

Oh seriously I cant watch all those pictures and videos of Palestinians,
Hamas Mujahidin,and sort of...not because I dont care....
but I'm too weak and too scared to watch and listen to 
their crying and their sad stories by knowing that I cant help much.

You don't have to be a Muslim to care and aware 
about the plights of the Palestinians.You just need to be a human. 

Maksud firman Allah: Orang-orang yahudi dan nasrani tidak akan senang kepada kamu hingga kamu mengikuti agama mereka. katakanlah: "sesungguhnya petunjuk Allah itulah petunjuk (yang benar)". Dan sesungguhnya jika kamu mengikuti kemauan mereka setelah pengetahuan datang kepadamu, maka Allah tidak lagi menjadi pelindung dan penolong bagimu. (Al Baqarah:120)

Maksud firman Allah: Janganlah kamu mengira orang-orang yang gugur dijalan Allah itu mati, bahkan mereka itu hidup di sisi Tuhannya dengan mendapat rezeki. (Ali Imran:169)

Maksud firman Allah: Kerana itu hendaklah orang-orang yang menukar kehidupan dunia dengan kehidupan akhirat berperang dijalan Allah. Barangsiapa yang berperang lalu gugur atau memeperoleh kemenangan maka kelak akan kami berikan kepadanya pahala yang besar. (An NIsaa':74)

I have a lot more to say actually but I just dont know how..
I really really want to be a good writer so that I can publish some good entries 
about Palestine and you'll get my point but as usual,
 I will end up writing this piece of junk..not really helpfup isn't it?
k bye...!

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hurulain said...

i love this entry VERY MUCH! Pray for Gaza :)