Sunday, November 18, 2012

A little bird, us and McD...


Well, it has been 5 days since our brothers and sisters in Gaza were 
attack and killed by the Zionists....
At the same time, Facebook is full of all those pictures, status,
and updates about what's going on there.

The hottest issue in Facebook right now is boycotting McDonalds and 
all the Israel products.
As usual, there will be a bunch of people who are insensitive enough
laughing at this effort and say something like:

"hek eleh...kau ingat setakat boikot McD tu boleh bagi kesan ke?"

"alaa....lepas abis jer perang ni...aku bet mesti kau makan jgk McD tuu...pui.."

"demo sana...demo sini...menyusahkan orang jer..bukan membantu sgt pun.."

"korang ni cepat sgt la melatah...rilek2 sudaaah..yg penting negara kita da aman.."

How should I say about these people haa....?
They are so pathetic....yeah...pathetic morons...*haha*
Asking sarcastic questions and voice out sarcastic statement 
about what we are doing right now for Palestine is it helping so much??!
Seriously I really hate those people that being sarcastic when we are trying 
to put some efforts for our brothers and sisters in Gaza.

Yes I know, boycotting, demonstrating and blaa blaa blaa
doesn't make a big different. Doesn't help much.
But that is not a matter. The matter is what we do for them..

Do you guys know the story of a sweet little bird that tried to save our 
Prophet Ibrahim from the fire when his people burned him alive?
When Prophet Ibrahim was burn, there was a little bird watching the event.
So he continues to fly back and forth in searching for water.
 The bird sucked and fill the water in its small beak and released it on the fire.
That's what he does over and over again.

His acts were observed by the other creatures of God, then they asked the little bird,
 "Why did you continue to sprinkle the water? You know the  fire that burns Ibrahim
is too large and certainty will not be erased with the sprinkled water.
What you do is going to vain.

So this sweet little bird answered, 
 I know I'm not able to put the fire off, but I'm scared to Allah
 for Him will ask me later what did I do to help his prophet and his religion.
 and Allah will not ask if I am successful put the fire off or not....
*awww...such a cute little bird, isn"t he....?*

That's it...! That is what I'm trying to say....
I think those people who are being so sarcastic should be ashamed of themselves. 
They are way too "low" compared to the bird...
*ouchh...kasar sangat eh...?ade aku kesah...pffftt...*

Eh please laaa...please...jgn mentertawakan usaha org lain
sedangkan awak tak buat apa2 pun....and if you asked me
what's a big deal about boycott this..moga tuhan bagi hidayah..
-I coppied from Angel Pakai Gucci-

Analoginya sebegini. Bayangkan Malaysia diserang oleh Jepun. 
Honda merupakan salah satu penyumbang terbesar kepada
 pendapatan kerajaan Jepun. Kita diserang dengan begitu gaban sekali oleh Jepun, 
sehinggakan nak makan susah, tempat tinggal pon takde, 
nak belajar jangan harap, nak bergaya dengan pakaian baru tu memang mimpilah.

Apa perasaan kita, melihat orang Indon ke, orang Arab ke,
 yang seaqidah dengan kita, dengan riang gembiranya memandu 
dan membeli kereta Honda..? 

It is my greatest regret that two nights before the Israel strikes Gaza,
I hang out with my girlfriends at McDonalds and we spent
about RM30.00 at that night...
I hope that will be last time I eat its burgers...please laa..
Dont ask me to lepak2 at McD anymore...
Iman saya bukan kuat sangat pon....tapi saya cuba yang terbaik..!In Sha Allah..
untuk saudara kita disana.... :')
May Allah gimme the strength..
-Tak mati pon tak makan McD nabila oiii...hahaha-

I think I should stop here...It will be a super long entry if I dont stop now.

K bai..assalamualaikum...

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takumi said...

first of all mmg syukur sgt x jd mcd lover's all about mind set..once u set in mind u hate it, u'll hate it forever..for me la...hehe..