Monday, September 24, 2012

3rd Year Senior-es...


it has been 3 weeks of semester 5...
being a third year student is sooooo scarryyyyyy....
seriously...just thinking about final exam could make me feel like this:
i'm soo scared mama..!!
well...subjects are getting more and more complicated..
they all are sooo "foood" you know..
i mean..starting from now on, all the subjects are totally specific
to the course... [ FOOD BIOTECH ]
we have to know everything about food...
from the biggest to the tiniest....!

we have to study those little creatures that live in our food..
*sape lagi kalo bukan YANG BERHORMAT EN. BACTERIA..

siap kena ternak lagi tuuu....naseb la ko mudah membiak..*
_food microb_

then here comes the sensory analysis where we have
to taste all sort of  sample....
*kesian lidah kitorang ni taw x...??!*

x cukup dgn itu..then ade lagi food processing..
molecular biology, research method..bla..bla..bla...
nak type pun takot eh....banyak ngak subjek....
sampai tak tertaip kat sini....

my previous semester examination's result was a holly crap...!
honestly..that was my own fault...being in comfort zone,
always find excuse to study..bla..bla..bla..pfftt..
and now, i am so desperate to maintain my PNGK so
it wont go below 3 point somtin...
*owh saya harap budak2 dean list tak bace blog ini..maluuu*

i really wish this semester i can do something to improve myself
and i really hope it will last till the end..hehe
even though it is sooo scary..i knew i can face it..!yes i can!

may ALLAH ease everything..amin...
 good luck semua..!!


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