Saturday, July 21, 2012

i miss usim..eheh

assalamualaikum... has been 3 weeks of semester break...eheh
and i start to feel a lil bit bowwwwringgg.....*boring*
first and second week was awesome.
i had my own "activities"....hahaha

but this third week, i feel like i want to go back to nilai...
meet my classmates, go to class, study and have my life as a student back..
* this me..?nabilah amran rindu nak blajar..?kah3*

i miss my classmates...

anyways...lot of things happened within this three weeks..
my sister just got her UPU I expected,
she got FOOD BIOTECH, which is same course as mine,
which also means she'll be my junior...
you know,she has been copying me since kindergarten..!
same tadika,skola rendah, skola menengah, tamhidi, and now 
even same course for degree.. =,=
wow, i never thought i could be this inspirational to her...hahaha

next, everybody was talking about exam result that was out on ePKI..
when i know about it through facebook,
first thing in my mind ... "what is ePKI..?"hahahaha
never heard about it...and coz i was shy to ask them,i just google it on
usim website on my own...then tell everybody like i am the pro...hahahaha
honestly i dont want to accept the result on is not the official result,
so i would consider it as not true..boley kan..??
i really hope the official result will be much better than on ePKI..

erm...nak cakap ape lagi eyh...?
dah xder pape kot...alahai...*boring nyer..*

anyways...hari ni 1 ramadhan...dah start puasa..