Wednesday, May 30, 2012

study week


Hi readers...!
hurm..I have less than 2 weeks before my final examination.
 Erk… Believe it or not, I haven’t started anything yet and I don’t even know where to start.
 Everything is so crowded in here, I mean in my head.

In spite all of that, I managed to go back to my hometown for four days
 and skipped classes for two days. Yeah…yeah… I know… I’m a bad student 
but I’m a good daughter though…*self-defense* haha.

So...! Everyone is in study mood right now and I know I have to start something somewhere.

 I have to do something about my study mood so I’ve forced myself to go to library. 
*which I didn’t go even for once in this semester…gosh..! 
Looks like I’m a bad student for real…! *hehe.

good luck kawan2 baik..! leklok...

and good luck to all food biotech students gen-7 too...
korang mmg terbaik ar..harap kos kite dpt bolot paling banyak dean list nanti..

k, bye...!!

1 comment:

takumi said...

npok la ketekunan di situ..hahaha..
~tgh borim mls nk study, ngobek2 ur blog meta..haha~