Friday, April 6, 2012

the lowest point


Ehem, imagine this situation…

Just for example oke. Everyone around you has bought their own new Samsung Galaxy Note
 while you’re the only who still haven’t bought it yet as you don’t have enough money 
and you think you don’t really need that thing… but everyone around you is talking about it. 
And they talk about it every day. 

When you try to talk to them about something else or you try 
to tell them your stories or anything, they don’t seem to be interested in it 
because you are simply different. You don’t have one like them. 
You feel like they only think about their Samsung Galaxy Note.
 Some of them even ignored you after they bought that thing. 

At first maybe you don’t feel anything but as time goes by,
 there is a point where you feel like you are rejected out of colony.*haha*.
 At one point, you feel like you are just being forgotten. *how pathetic*. 
Day by day, you learn to be secretive even though naturally you’re not. *eheh*
 but because most of your stories don’t seem to be heard…
so, the only way is just to keep quiet.

I would like to remind you that this whole situation is just a metaphor. 
Not exactly happened…! It is just a metaphor… got that…? 
This kind of situation has happened to me but 
the real one does not involve Samsung galaxy note laa…haha.

When I started to think about having my own Samsung Galaxy Note,
only then I realized that I am not afford...
it makes me sad somehow...heee

sesape yg bace ni mesti x phm kan..
xpe lah...entry ni  bukan utk di fahami..
tp untuk di....urm..err...err..ntah,,,
rase nak tulis....alaaaa....korang bace ni pun bila..
aku da tulis lame dah ni...kan baru privatekan blog...



takumi said...

i knowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! hahaha *evil grin*

nabiela said...

hahahaa....diam2 suda maaaa....

nabiela said...
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