Tuesday, December 20, 2011

love story #1

Last Year, 
He said hi to her every time
they saw each other in the 

This year it's a quick 
glance at each other and then 
she turns away, pretending 
to have a great time with her 
friends, while her heart sinks 
to her stomach from missing him. 

He spots a girl to talk to 
to make her jealous
Even though he can't stop looking 
back to see if she's watching. 

While they both walk to their 
next class, they each secretly 
regret it all ... ♥ 


takumi said...

awat sweet sgt ni?? hehe..

nabiela said...

suweet ker?hahah

takumi said...

not really suweet but manis la..ahaha..

hurulain said...

haish,,cm tau je sape,,ahaha

nabiela said...

haish...this is not my love story lar....hahaha...just copy and paste...because its just same like mine..opss..hahah