Sunday, December 25, 2011


Home. I just love this word.
Phewwh..! Feel so glad to be at home again after the 6 busiest weeks in Nilai.
No words can describe my feeling right now. 
Everything is so calm, sooooo…sooo..err..urm…see?
 there is no word for that…! I’ve told ya…!haha. 
Being at home is the most wonderful moment I can ever have.
 The feeling that you have when you’re at home is totally awesome..! even though I’ve done nothing yet (besides watching tv, internet and sleep..hehe) it feels so great..!

Hurm……*sigh*… sometimes I really hope that I don’t have to return to Nilai anymore…
to be more specific, USIM. 
That place has given me so much pain in this semester.*the happiness as well*.. 
Ok, actually not the place but the people… 
Those people never know that they’ve hurt me so much.
 I can’t even bear to look at them but as usual, 
I pretended like nothing was happened and I’m totally great and happy as ever. 
Sometimes, I’m tired of pretending… I’m tired of being me…
duk umah ni rase tenang sgt2..sebab jauhhhh dari USIM....
jauh dari orang2 yg melukakan hati aku nieee...*chehhh*
feel so happy that I don’t have to face them, 
at least for now…at least for 5 days.…
I need a time to find my strength back…!heeeee..,
cam ntah pape je an? Tenang larh..terluka larh…nk cari kekuatan larh.
.xle blaaa entry kali nie..hahahahaa…
Sebenarnye aku sedih sgt2…. Need you mags7…. 
If and only if you guys were there when they hurt me, 
I’m sure you guys won’t let me to face it ALONE…….!!!! Miss you a lot lately….!

dah la..makin pnjang makin mengarut plak nanti…k bye..!thanx for reading..!


takumi said...

hey...sape yg berani2 hurt my buddy hah?! (caring x? ahaks!) hey buddy, cheer up la! don't think too much..we always wif u.. ;)

hurulain said...
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hurulain said...

glad to hear you feel very relief being at home,,a world without me is better isn't it? heh ;)

nabiela said...

hahaha..takumi...caring ar sgt..haha...nanti reunion,then i tell u who is it..pastu ramai2 kita gi belasah dia..hahaha..
hurul ain: dont say like that my dear..its not u lar...its them..haahah

takumi said...

hahaha..i'll wait for that reunion..=)