Tuesday, November 1, 2011

life is all about choices

Life is all about choices. Whatever you do, you have to choose even in the simplest things. Supposing you were about to have your lunch, of course you chose what you wanted to eat, right? And let say as a student, for sure you have to study or revise your books in order to get a good result in exam. But you yourselves choose whether to study or not. See…? You choose what you want to do and what you want to be. That’s sounds easy isn’t? Yeah… I know… its sounds easy. You just have to choose. But when it comes to choosing something that really important in your life, I mean really really important, it’s not as simple as that. The more you think, the more complicated the things will be, am I right? Hahaha *so don’t think…!*

When you want something but you know it just isn’t right,
 you shouldn’t have to choose it.
Believe me; there’s always had another better choice than what you want to. Of course it’s quite annoying somehow to choose something that you don’t like but you know it’s good for you. It’s just like taking medicine when you were sick. You know how the medicine tasted like don’t you? But still you take it for your own good. Is it a good analogy? Ehehehe

Actually I'm having difficulties in making decision on something..hee..
hati ni macam lalang kene tiup angin.
kejap condong ke kanan, kejap condong ke kiri....x tetap pendirian...
last2 menyusahkan semua orang...sorry guys...
i hope my choice isn't wrong....

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