Tuesday, July 19, 2011


purpose of life.....that is tujuan hidup...what is our purpose of life?
as a student, of coz la  nk result exam gempak, 4.00 flat, dean list lagi...
as a businessman, ofcoz la nak untung juta2, tido atas duit, salut bini ngan emas.
 Is our purpose in this world just simply to eat, sleep, dress, work, acquire some material things and enjoy ourselves? Is this our purpose? Why are we born? What is the objective of our existence?


Think about the brain: how it thinks, functions, analyzes, retrieves and stores information, as well as distinguishes and categorizes information.
Think about the brain for a moment.
 (And don't forget the fact that you are using your brain to consider itself !) 
This is the brain that made the car, the rocket ships, the boats, and so on. Think about the brain and who made that!

Think about the heart. Think about how it pumps continuously for sixty or seventy years maintaining the body requirement throughout the life of the person.Think about the kidneys and the liver and the various functions they perform.

Who created them?Who plans and regulates their function? Human beings do this? 
No, of course not. so WHO?
yes guys...ALLAH created them..and He created us too..

If I were to give  you RM 100 for no reason, you would at least say thank you. What about your eyes, your kidneys, your brain, your children, and your life: Who gave you all of that? Is He not worthy of praise and thanks? Is He not worthy of your worship and recognition?
Allah said to us in the Holy Quran:
 "And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me."
 [Surah 51: Ayah 56]

 "Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam."  
[Quran, 3:19]
this is what the Almighty said.

so i can conclude that the purpose of life is to know Allah, to believe in Him and to worship Him according to how He wants to be worshipped, this includes that we live our lives according to His commands.

and I tried to recall back everything that has happened to me for the past 19 years living on earth.
did I've done things that I should've done to achieve the purpose of life?
nope.. i dont think soo...i know that i am not a good muslims..
but i'll try my best to change to a better one and achieve my purpose of life.
many things happened to me lately and i just cant help myself from thinking of this.

 Dear Allah..help me to change..to be a better servant of Yours...AMIN..

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