Monday, July 11, 2011

first entry kowt! last....i have a blog!!!! (kecoh len da berkurun..).hahaha...igt nk wat blog time burfday ke- 20 aku...tapi ntah la.....borink sgt kowt dok umah cuti nie..pdhal baru 4 hari....
actually i do have a blog once...i mean before this...BUT...for certain reason, i've deleted it !!
dont ask me why because i'm sure u dont want to know and i'm sure enough that u'll laugh at me...only my best friend dayah, knows why..hahahahaha..
 i've deleted the old one and created a new one (this blog) but dont know why it still 
stated on my profile 
" on blogger since december 2010"
it should be since july 2011 la kan??

ok!dah..xder mende aku nk melalut...(buat mase ni la)...see u nex entry!chewah!

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